Network Setup

The Get My Computer Repaired team consists of experts in network configuration and improvement of wireless network setup. We provide expert IT support services for Apple Mac computers, PC, servers, networking, cloud, and a lot more. Whether you’re having problems with your Internet connection or you just want to share your files with other users within your network, our computer experts can help you! Just give us a call and we will send a computer technician your way.

Network Setup Brisbane

Get My Computer Repaired can help you with a bunch of computer repairs and services! If you need help or support with a network setup, whether it’s for your home or for your business, we are more than happy to help.

Why set up a network?
By having a shared network, your technology can talk to each other. Network sharing enables you and other people in your network to access the same files, documents, and other data, from any device connected to the network. This way, you don’t have to transfer them manually or connect your technology using cables.
By ensuring that you have the right network configuration in place, your devices can communicate wirelessly and at the same time. Your devices will be able to share data with each other from one central home network.
Thinking of getting a network setup? Here are just some of the network services we can help you with:
  • Ethernet installations
  • Game networking installation
  • Network troubleshooting
    • Connection issues
    • Security problems
    • Slow network service
  • Printer sharing
  • Setting up your computer network
  • Setting up your WiFi
  • Sharing files wirelessly
  • Wireless network passwords
  • Wireless network security

Network Setup Brisbane – Common Network Problems

  • Cables not properly hooked
  • Cannot connect to the Internet
  • Loose cables
  • No Wi-Fi signal
  • Slow connection
  • Unable to see other computers on the network
  • Unable to share files
  • Weak Wi-Fi password
  • Weak Wi-Fi signal
  • Wrong router configuration

Network Setup Brisbane – Common Network Problems

  • Cables not properly hooked
  • Cannot connect to the Internet
  • Loose cables
  • No Wi-Fi signal
  • Slow connection
  • Unable to see other computers on the network
  • Unable to share files
  • Weak Wi-Fi password
  • Weak Wi-Fi signal
  • Wrong router configuration

Network Setup Brisbane – Home Network Setup

Setting up a home network is more than just taking your router out of the box and turning it on. Although it’s not particularly a difficult process, simply plugging in everything is not a guarantee that your network’s performance and security is the best that it could be.
When you hire our services, we can make sure that your home network is in top shape both performance and security-wise.
There are many steps to ensuring that your home network is fully-functional. Here are just some of the steps we can help or guide you with:

Choosing the Right Router
Your router is what corresponds to the heart of your home network. Because of that, it is only reasonable that you should invest your time in researching the best options before you finally decide on one. Our computer experts at Get My Computer Repaired can help you select the best router for you! We already have an idea of the best ones of the market so we can give you the best suggestions based on what you need for your home.

Connecting to the Internet
Once you’ve chosen and purchased the router for you, you can then connect it to the Internet so that you can go online. If you’re not sure how to do this, give us a call and we will send a computer technician right away.

Positioning the Wireless Router
Did you know that the positioning of your router can actually affect your network connectivity? It’s important that you place your wireless router in a central location. To reduce interference, your router should be placed away from walls and metal objects. If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, you can always give us a call and we will gladly send a computer tech who can help you!

Configuring Your Router
Once your computer is physically connected to the router, you can begin customizing your router’s configuration to what works for you. Or, you can sit back and relax while we take care of it for you!

Changing Your Password
Changing your password is actually the very first thing you should do once your home network is setup. Keeping the default password may expose your network to security risks. Our computer technicians can help you and give you tips on how to come up with a strong password!

Making Sure Your Firmware Is Upgraded
It is always a good practice to ensure that your firmware is running the latest version released by the manufacturer. Products often spend quite some time on the shelves before they get purchased so it’s possible that there are firmware updates you need to install to make sure that you’re running the latest versions. Our computer geeks are here to help!

Managing IP Addresses
There are cases when certain devices, like printers and servers, need to have the same IP address at all times. Although some devices can work perfectly with periodically changing IP addresses, some devices require a static IP address. Our computer technicians are knowledgeable when it comes to managing IP address within a home network. Give us a call if you’re having any problems and we’ll be there!

Work with Static IP Addresses
Our computer experts are used to working with IP addresses. The procedure for assigning a static IP address varies depending on the device you are trying to configure. To avoid any confusion or unnecessary stress, leave the dirty work to us!

Activating Your Wi-Fi
Once your network is properly configured, you can proceed with setting up your wireless network. This step is actually fairly easy although if you’re not sure what you’re doing and you try to configure Wi-Fi over wireless, you will lose the connection to the management console once you change the configuration. To avoid this, allow us to do the work for you!

Securing Your Network
Network security is one of the most important things to consider when setting up a home network. Of course you wouldn’t want someone tapping into your network and doing who-knows-what. Our computer technicians are trained to make sure that the network setup is always 100% secure. For a network setup that’s secure, hire our computer technicians at Get My Computer Repaired.

Sharing Your Data
Sharing data within your home network is one, if not the only, reason for having a shared home network. There are lots of ways to accomplish this, having a server being the best option. However, it is better for you to seek an expert to determine what’s really best for your needs. Give us a call and we will be right at your service!
There are many ways to setup a network and our team at Get My Computer Repaired can make sure that you get the network that is tailored to your needs.
Aside from the necessary steps, we can also offer additional services and features within your router that can improve your network’s security and performance.
Here are some additional features we can incorporate into your home network to boost your experience:
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Plug-n-Play
  • Post Forwarding
  • Quality of Service (QoS)

Network Setup Brisbane – Network Setup for Small Businesses

The Get My Computer Repaired team is a group of people who are experts in configuration and business wireless network setup.
At Get My Computer Repaired, we understand that not all businesses and homes are the same. What may work for one client may not be the best setup for another. Our computer techs have over a decade of experience in configuring network solutions.
Due to our skill and expertise, we know which factors are very important to consider when choosing to implement or reconfigure the network for your business. These factors are the following:
  • Construction material
  • Electronic devices
  • Household appliances
  • Network routing
  • Size
It is a common misconception that configuring wireless networks is as simple as making sure you have a wireless access point.
After taking these factors into consideration, our experts can create a network setup plan tailor-made just for your business!
Here are just some of the network services we can provide you with:
  • Data recovery
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Electronic mail migration
  • Network assessment
  • Network backbone upgrades
  • Network redesign
  • Security model design
  • Server connection
  • Server installation
  • Server room enhancements
  • Server room setup
  • Wired installation
  • Wired setup
  • Wireless installation
Your network setup is vital to your business. Nearly every office has an Internet connection along with several devices that are connected to it. Configuring these devices may be frustrating and time-consuming especially for people who aren’t professionally trained.
If your onsite IT person is inexperienced, a small IT problem that could easily be fixed in an hour or two could grow into a bigger problem that might take weeks or even months to be fixed. Hire our experts! Our computer repair technicians are experts when it comes to configuring, installing, maintaining, and securing any computer network.

Get your network setup from Get My Computer Repaired!

By hiring our services, we guarantee you the following benefits:
  • Affordable rates
  • High standard service
  • Anywhere in Brisbane
  • Improvement of network connectivity
  • Home network problems support
  • Extensive experience
  • Complete tools
  • Secured wireless home network

Don’t risk your home or your business’ safety and security by not hiring professional services. For computer network services, give us a call and we will be more than happy to provide you with a network setup that is perfect for you.